Change talking about selling oil region in 2016 and receipt of revenues

Block change Kurdish parliamentary announced the news to the feet of the Kurdistan Regional Government on the sale of oil in 2016 and the receipt of revenues.
The MP for the Bloc Serwa Abdul Wahid, told all of Iraq [where], that "the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the oil receiving we do not know where to go his money," noting that "the oil revenues go to Nechirvan Barzani [head of Government of the Territory, and drastically [Minister of wealth in the region].
"She added," No one knows where to go this money, "pointing out that" recently there that the Kurdistan Regional Government sold the 2016 oil to companies across Turkey, and received revenues to nearly $ 30 billion, and this is announced by a spokesman for the Government of the Territory " .
loggerheads for years between the center and the region to export the power and confined in the absence of oil and gas inactivated law passed for years, but the two sides reached in December 2014 an agreement to export the region 250 000 barrels of production with 300 000 barrels of the province of Kirkuk fields in exchange for that Baghdad pay share Kurdistan from the federal budget by 17%, but this agreement has struggled since then with an exchange of accusations between Baghdad and Erbil non-compliance, but did not announce any of them terminate the agreement.
and was a member of the parliamentary finance committee Hossam punitive, detect put two conditions in the share of the Kurdistan region fiscal state budget for the year 2016.
He said punitive in 15 of the last month's [where], that "the oil agreement between the center and the Kurdistan region remained in the budget of 2016, which is conditional on two conditions, the first to pay for the province of its share by and fit with the amount prescribed by exports in the budget, which is 550 000 barrels, and by sales delivered to the region expenses revenues.
"He added," The other condition shall be based on the actual expenditures of the province, and not on what Sticky his budget expenditures speculative, where allocated to him now 12 trillion dinars on the basis of the export of 550 000 barrels, " noting that "Iraq does not distract as planned, but with less, and this also applies to the province" .