Switzerland strengthen military measures to secure a forum [Davos] prospective economic

Swiss defense ministry said on Thursday that troops from the army began to spread in the county [Graubunden] east of the country to secure the World Economic Forum in the resort [Davos] Decision in the 19th of this month.
The ministry said in a statement that the first soldiers to be deployed group includes 448 component will put the outline of security measures that must be followed during the forum, which will start in the 19th and ends on the 24th of this month.
She said the ministry support of the forum comes in implementation of the decision of the Swiss parliament who agreed to spread Khosmh Thousands element of the Swiss army in the province [Graubunden] in the period between the 15th of January until the 25th of it to secure the activities of the forum.
She explained that among these units of military police elements to secure the participation figures and follow-up security events during the Forum and the protection of the surrounding resort and roads leading facilities to him including the Swiss airspace secure the Air Force to monitor the take-off and leave and cross the airspace movement.
The ministry said that the movement of the use of airports in the region [Davos] and fly in the period between the 18th of January to the 24 it will be restricted to the VIP uses the airport [Dipandorf] then go through a military helicopter to the vertical [Davos].
and participate in the activities of the World Economic Forum in Sharm [Davos] at least 2,000 people from senior policymakers and economic decision in the world to study common challenges and how to deal Maha.