Parliamentary oil and gas: The committee began to overcome the controversial points of the five disruptive to approve the oil law
12:46:08 / 03/2012

Khandan - Ali Naji
Committee announced that oil and energy in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, from start to discuss the controversial points that stand before the adoption of the federal oil law, including the work of the Ministry of Oil and validity of the Kurdistan region contracted.
Said committee member Rep. coalition of law Rehab bonded in a statement to the site (Khandan): The Committee on Oil and Energy held many meetings about overcoming differences within the oil and gas law, and that these meetings resulted in the identification of (4) points of contention in the proposed law and (5) in the draft law submitted by the prime minister, indicating the presence of two options for the purpose of approving the law, I: development of a centrist solution. The second paragraph proposed with the introduction of the original disputed paragraph and put it in the House of Representatives.
She said slave: that the Commission began to discuss the controversial points that stand before the ratification of the Federal Oil and related; the Council of Federal service and its components, and the powers of the Ministry of the Federal Oil Is it a point of supervisory or executive, and review the contracts concluded between Baghdad and Erbil, with the oil companies, and the powers of the governorates and the Kurdistan region contracting with companies.