Planning and furnishing of nine streets in Baghdad head of the latest technology

The secretariat of Baghdad announced the immediate work planning and furnishing of nine streets in the capital, the President of "the adoption of scientific methods and better techniques developed in this area."
According to a statement of the Secretariat of the Agency it has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "Projects Department one of the formations the secretariat of Baghdad began in cooperation with a Kuwaiti company business planning and furnishing of nine streets President in the capital Baghdad, dyes and thermal coatings that are not affected heavily vehicular traffic and weather conditions."
He added, "The streets covered by plotting the Great Imam street in the municipality of Adhamiya categorically Street Karrada outside stretching from Baghdad University to the intersection of the pool and street 77 extending from the white cinema up to the military channel."
He said the "street the other include Omar bin Abdul Aziz street in Adhamiya and streets Samad and street park Towards the Corniche in Kadhimiya and by bin Ghazwan threshold for quick passage and yard Cordoba and street Musa Bin Naseer.
"The statement pointed out that" planning will increase the beauty of the streets, organizing traffic and pedestrian crossing allocated to cross smoothly and reduce traffic accidents areas.
"" The secretariat of Baghdad, has in former planning areas and pedestrian crossing points at intersections, streets and near schools, health centers and departments and public institutions as the movement of people crowded along the lines of Mamamol done in the developed countries of the world ".