Transportation: Iranian companies implemented Railway / Museib- Karbala line - Najaf / 610 km length

Date: Thursday 01.07.2016 12:36

Today Iraq / Baghdad
Ministry of Transport announced on the visit of a delegation from the Iranian companies to Baghdad and meet them with specialized cadres within the company's iron railway Iraq, to ​​discuss the implementation of the railway line (Musayyib - Karbala - Najaf), a length of 106 km, and the way investment by the system of ( BOT).
Statement of the Ministry, it was announced officially, came in it as well: "The project is part of the main project / Musayyib - holy city of Karbala - Najaf - Samawa," With regard to the explanations of the Iraqi side, we read: "The submission of a detailed explanation by the Iraqi side, on the path Project and technical specifications to him, is also equipped with the Iranian side with a CD containing all the documents and designs the detailed project ", and on the Iranian side," the Iranian delegation visited the site, which has been viewed on the track on site of the station Musayyib to Karbala station, as well as access Najaf on line proposed paths within the project ", leaving the source of the conclusion, remind him that:" System / BOT /, for construction, operation and transfer of ownership. "