Arab agreement on the agenda of the summit

08/03/2012 08/03/2012

الاجتماعات التمهيدية تبدأ في 21 آذار.. Preliminary meetings begin on March 21 ..

Iraq and prepare proposals contribute to the stability of the region Baghdad - Cairo - Al Sabah

Detect speaker high-level that Iraq has prepared proposals and ideas put her in front of the Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad at the end this March, contributing to the stability of the region. This comes at a time when preparations for the summit peak, as he emphasized the Permanent Representative of Kuwait to the Arab League had been " resolution of the agenda of the summit of Baghdad. "

He said government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said Iraq "will present a set of ideas that can serve as an initiative to ensure the stability of the region and resolve crises."

The "morning" that the preparations for the summit underway in full swing to rise to the level of the event through which the region.

And through al-Dabbagh expressed optimism that the attendance at the event as well, and the importance of the circumstances surrounding the region, noting said: "We will be happy in the presence of Arab leaders also hope to have everyone involved in this summit." And stressed Iraq's desire to host the Arab summit "because it is for him deserving of patriotism. "He also stressed the importance of holding the summit in the light of developments taking place in the Arab world, pointing out that Iraq sought to contribute to finding solutions to problems in the region."

In the meantime, said Permanent Representative of Kuwait to the Arab League Ambassador Jamal Al-Ghoneim, had been "resolved the agenda of the Baghdad summit to be held in the twenty-ninth of this month." He said in a press conference held in Cairo yesterday, attended by "morning": "it was prepare the agenda of the Arab Ministerial Preparatory Meeting, which begins next Saturday, "adding that" completed preparations to host the summit will depend on Baghdad and the Arab ministerial meeting agenda, after consideration and decision on it before it is presented to the Arab leaders. "

He Ghunaim that there are preparatory meetings for the Baghdad summit will begin in Cairo in the atheist and the twentieth of this month at the level of senior officials of the Economic and Social Council in order to prepare the economic file, and 22 at the level of permanent representatives to prepare political file. "In the meantime, assured Arab ambassadors to the Arab League the importance of convening the Arab summit in Baghdad, the fact that it comes after the Arab spring that swept through the region and the developments that have taken place on all issues of the Arab Economic, social and political. came in the work of the session 137 of the Arab League Council held in Cairo yesterday on the level of permanent representatives with the participation of the representative of Iraq to the Arab League Ambassador Qais al-Azzawi.

He explained that it was agreed to hold preparatory meetings at the ministerial level in Baghdad, to be on the level of Ministers of Finance and Economy Forum on 27 this month, followed by a meeting of Arab foreign ministers on 28, stressing that all the arrangements for the summit is going well.