It calls for central banks to buy gold Meskukath and confirms the arrival of specie 100 dinars
Thursday January 7, 2016 15:09

called on the central bank, on Thursday, the banks to buy gold Meskukath, and while noting the arrival of specie 100 dinars category, stressed that the price of 720 000 dinars. The bank said in a statement Alsumaria News a copy of it, that "in order to diversify the public savings and to ensure receiving a gold 24 carat has contracted with an international company Stamping 5000 specie souvenir gold ", adding that" the coins are from 100 dinars category weight of 15 grams on the occasion of Eighty-fourth anniversary of the founding of the Iraqi PMA 1930, in addition to the 5000 specie category 250 dinars weight 22 grams on the occasion of sixty-eighth anniversary of the founding of the Central Bank of Iraq in 1947 ".

The bank said it "received the first category of these coins that are weighing 15 grams," noting that he "will be put up for sale through banks, which will be determined by them." He said the bank, "it was to determine the sale price of banks on the basis of cost and out of Baghdad International Airport plus Downloads administrative 1% of the cost to be the price per minted from this category by 720 000 dinars.

"The Central Bank, in January 2014, its intention to sell gold different weights for those wishing to purchase it from the citizens, adding that he began contracting procedures for imported and then sold through the banking system. The foundations of the Iraqi Central Bank independent bank under the law issued on the sixth of March 2004, as an independent body, which is responsible for maintaining price stability and the implementation of monetary policy, including exchange rate policies being sessions daily for buying and selling currencies.;ب/ar