Video fears of the government's inability to pay staff salaries
Wednesday January 6, 2016
17:24 he government's inability to pay employees and retirees' salaries during the current year due to the financial crisis, fears fudged parliamentarians, stressing the government to take alternative measures to address any crisis in the payment of salaries. He said Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, a member of the House of Representatives: (fear) "We took the budget other alternatives to secure certain amounts of both the Central Bank or the World Bank, and I am comfortable with the issue of the rights guaranteed. "He added defensive Taha, a member of the House of Representatives:" The government is obliged to pay employees' salaries oil prices remained whether or not there remain important measures taken by the Iraqi government to borrow the internal or external bonds and money orders.
Others pointed out that the efforts made by the Ministry of Oil to raise oil production, the country's roof, will also contribute to ensuring the payment of employees and pensions during the year two thousand and sixteen.
Abbas said Albouapati, a member of the House of Representatives: "two thousand and sixteen the budget salaries Wu staff and social dependency and also to cover the necessary deficit expenses possible Alaah control by increasing oil exports. "Many stresses the importance that the government has made ​​unremitting efforts for the activation of industry, agriculture and other sources to diversify the Iraqi economy to Tdrack any new drop in oil prices could affect the economic movement in the country. You can watch the video report above.