Deposit Insurance Law does the economy 1/6
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Thread: Deposit Insurance Law does the economy 1/6

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    Deposit Insurance Law does the economy 1/6

    Deposit Insurance Law does the economy

    1/7/2016 0:00

    BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
    Activate cooperation with the international effort Economic contribute to a logical solutions that minimize the effects of the financial crisis that Iraq is going through because of low oil prices, and the requirements phase of the move the other economic sectors (according to Khbayra economy).

    National Business Iraqi Council member Ali tempted said that the economic situation experienced by the country needs real action to achieve economic feasibility of the country and start a new phase join together by all the efforts to move the production process and activate the sectors of economic.

    He said in an interview for «morning» that the process of activating economic sectors require building bridges of trust between the and the majority of the beneficiaries of the banking sector through guarantors legislation for the rights of all parties, as well as the adoption of banking technology in the development of the banking sector, which is the center of economic attraction.

    tempted stressed the importance of overcoming this stage, especially that Iraq is in front of big challenges to the security and economic requires the mobilization of efforts and resources to activate levels financial and banking market at the same time does not leave room for the growing economic recession and unemployment, which came as a result of the sharp drop in oil prices taking place in Iraq now.

    He pointed to the importance of benefiting from the project financing of the Central Bank of Iraq and the role of the financing of small and medium-sized projects and funding and its impact on job creation, as well as five trillion dinars initiative.

    In turn, noted Ali Tariq Managing Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks that the future of the Association plans include communication with the international and regional banks that adopt advanced systems can be employed to serve the local economy.

    Tariq stressed that the activation of the banking sector and driven through activation of the filing process in various private banks and to provide funding for projects requires legislation to guarantee bank deposits law, which works to create confidence among depositors and banks by guaranteeing their deposits, pointing out that this law will change the shape of the banking business and its role in activating the economy national.

    He noted that advanced is banking technology vitally important to activate the national economy and transferred to a better stage commensurate with the volume of work required by Iraq in all its cities without exception.

    He pointed out that the Third Banking Conference held recently Search Iraqi banks relationship with regional and international banks, and the dissemination of banking culture and enhance confidence in banks own, as well as the role of the banking sector in Under the current economic crisis, as well as the development of banking services to keep pace with the global market and free trade, banking and the development of human resources.
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