Movement for Change: Region management and reeling Party Barzani invoked to suppress

Described the Kurdish movement for change that the experience of governance in the Kurdistan region as "reeling".
The head of the block change parliamentary Hoshyar Abdullah in a press statement, that the "management experience in Kurdistan reeling, and the confidence of the parties participating in the government are at stake, in light of the worsening of salaries and services crisis, and the street will not tolerate a long, due to fears of permeation societal stability and increasing crime." . According to him.
He added that "the events of October 12 demonstrations and prevent the entry of the President of Kurdistan Parliament who belongs to the change to Arbil] and the accompanying junctions and Mnacfat against the backdrop of the presidency of the provincial crisis, and approve the President of the Government of the Territory that the removal of the Speaker of Parliament and our ministers, was among the best of bad options, contributed increase in confusion and tension, leaving a negative impact on society in the light of severe economic crisis and the crisis of electricity and services, as well as the repercussions of the war. "
Abdullah said that "the Kurdish community today in the worst case of instability," pointing out that "the resignation of the Minister of Electricity has been in accordance with the coordination between the two parties and the Islamic Democratic Union, for the implementation of the ministry's proposal to merge with the Ministry of Natural Resources."
He pointed out that "pretending opportunities in Sulaymaniyah [Patriotic Union of Kurdistan influence Center] look good, natural and there are previous experiences, but seem difficult in the Kurdistan Democratic Party, which invoke the repression spheres of influence, but that no one will be able to withhold votes disgruntled to no end." . As he says.
And witnessing the Kurdistan region since last September political crisis over the presidency of the provincial economic conditions that led to the exit of popular demonstrations in Sulaimaniyah province has developed into acts of violence and clashes with security forces, resulting in casualties and injuries, as demonstrators attacked angry at the headquarters of several parties, including the back of the party Kurdistan Democratic Party, which is led by the region's president, Massoud Barzani, in Sulaymaniyah.
And evolved crisis after he objected to the authorities in Arbil in 12 of the last month, the President of the Kurdistan Parliament Yusuf Mohamed procession [belonging to the MDC at a checkpoint Alton Bridge and prevent entry into Erbil, while isolating President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani, on the same day, Four ministers of the MDC, and appointed others acting on their behalf.
Despite the ongoing political dialogues between the Kurdish parties, but the issue of the presidency of the region continue to pose the most prominent obstacle in finding a way out of the crisis.
The Barzani, has put forward three options last Thursday in front of the Kurdish parties to end the crisis over the presidency of the region, including survival in office to 2017.
Party Talabani denied his intention to hold a new deal strategically with Barzani's party away from Altgier.