Diyala "Square of trade" between Iraq and Iran!

Dated: January 6, 2016

Baquba / News Network announced that Iraq hand Gazzanah director in Diyala province, Mazen al-Khuzai, Wednesday, for the approval of the provincial administration in principle to the establishment of an international arena in terms of trade with Iran circumference, noting that the province waiting for the green light from Baghdad to begin the procedures set up Alsahh.oukal Khuzai In a press statement today: "The Diyala provincial administration has agreed in principle to the project of establishing an international arena for trade exchange between Iraq and Iran, near the common border within hand Gazzanah, (125 km east of Baquba), in order to stimulate trade." He added Khuzai, that " Diyala administration waiting for the green light from Baghdad to formal approval for direct measures create and open the international arena of trade and that will represent in the case of open fundamental shift in Gazzanah economy point in terms of secure jobs work for hundreds of its citizens. "The Iranian delegation senior visited the death a few days ago and discussed the series vital files including trade file and the possibility of expanding trade exchange.