Oil could rise about $ 50 in 2016

0601 2016
Less bank «ANZ» The tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran «will exacerbate the biggest problem is an oversupply in 2016».
He added that it «will reduce the likelihood of any cooperation between the major producers with regard to oil production with the return of Iran to the world market if the lifting of sanctions by». According to a Reuters poll it is likely to average prices of Brent and US crude around $ 50 a barrel this year, with no limited the growth of demand to absorb the increase in supply capacity.
Being oil currently trading at prices less than the two-thirds from the highest highs recorded in mid-2014.
It ruled out the poll that oil prices rise much this year, it appears that the weak demand growth will not be enough to absorb the increased supply from countries such as Iran and Iraq, despite the expected decline in production from outside the «Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries« OPEC ».
According to the poll, which included 20 analysts, it is expected to reach an average price of crude «Brent» in futures to $ 52.52 a barrel, less than expected in a survey of the previous month at $ 5.43 a barrel, its seventh monthly survey in a row in which analysts lowered their expectations for the price.
And cut 13 out of 18 analysts who participated in the last two exploratory opinion in December and November forecasts for the average price of Brent futures in 2016, which amounted to $ 53.79 a barrel on average in 2015.
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