Nassif calls to make national unity slogan of the current phase


(Independent) .. high Nassif MP called on the political forces and the masses of all creeds and nationalities to make national unity slogan of the current stage away from the sectarian polarization.

Nassif said today: "The execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr leave the grief in the hearts of Shiites, Sunnis and all the Liberals in the world, as far as it comes to us we Iraqis must emphasize today and on each occasion that it is important we have now is the National Group and the unity and fire of sedition, we are one people we share with all its components and the unity of religion and blood and common history and lineage tribal, and national unity should be the motto at the current stage away from the sectarian attractions fueled by outside powers that have interests in our beloved Iraq. "

She added: "The international conflicts does not concern us something, we will not allow these conflicts to be the cause of the destruction of national unity or division of Iraq, and we will resist fiercely each plot will split Iraq along sectarian lines."

She Nassif: "We have to turn the page and attention to the future of Iraq and the future of our generations, religion of God and the homeland for all, and must be the good of all creeds and nationalities national forces to unite in order to save Iraq and aware of the seriousness of the stage and is working to correct all the wrong tracks the constructive cooperation between the parties in the Iraqi arena , we will not allow any party compromising national our unity. "(end)