Integrity of Basra declares adjust food stale market

Integrity of Basra declares adjust food stale market
News source: Ali Salman
Section: Economic page
January 5, 2016, 12:39 pm
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The integrity Commission announced in Basra Governorate Council, Tuesday, the campaign to monitor the local markets to reduce the circulation of food unfit for human consumption, with the confiscation of confirmed quantity which a judicial warrant.

Committee Chairman Mohammad Mehdi Mansouri interview "the Committee in cooperation with the National Directorate of security, standardization and quality control device implementing the campaign in local markets to prevent the trading of expired food items", stating that "a large amount of imported food has been tuned into a warehouse of a local business, and after examination laboratory shows that the proportion of them damaged by poor storage and therefore decides to confiscate and destroy them by court order, as a number of Asian workers in the store for not having permits The Administration window.

Drew Mansouri "campaign will continue until alleviate circulation expired food in the markets", adding that the campaign also includes the inspection of laboratories and inspection of food products that are produced locally, and the only drawback is the lack of adequate laboratory equipment to examine samples of material suspected its powers. "

Recall that the local market in Basra governorate includes many products unfit for consumption due to distant or poor or expire, and this phenomenon is due to weakness or lack of health control and not imposing strict procedures at border crossing points prevent leakage of bad and doubtful validity.