Reference Yacoubi criticizes political Employment of the martyrdom of the tiger warns some protesters to act

​(Independent) ... criticized the religious authority, Sheikh Mohammed al-Yacoubi "political exploitation of the martyrdom of Sheikh Mohammed Baqir al-Nimr," warning that some of the protesters to act and demanding revenge are taking advantage of the opportunity to settle scores with opponents internal and external, while pointing out that the martyrs are not held them funeral condolence and memorial service but forums praise and commend the exploits. Yacoubi said in a speech to a large crowd of virtuous and professors Hawza in his office in Najaf and received (Independent) said on Tuesday: "I have learned up close that the martyr Sheikh Tiger was asked determined by the certificate, and he could pay the killings for the same price but he was intent on gaining even taken God a martyr, "he is explaining by saying," I have surprised us the news, because many efforts of several levels and in several directions have been made to give priority to the voice of wisdom and truth and fairness and to stop the execution and got promises that the former king days but things have changed under the current power and committed this folly of ignorance filled with injustice and injustice. "
He explained Yacoubi "We have also hurt by political exploitation of the incident by some protesters to act and demanding revenge and exploitation of the opportunity to settle scores with opponents internal and external, which I forget the origin of the case Hakim with it and deal, were such acts abuse of the martyr," adding that "Saudi authorities did not just kill him physically to death but was killed morally Bzjh in the list of hardened terrorists, criminals Aohawwa unit charge, and between the martyr and them as between the chandelier and rich, it has been believed in peaceful work in the pursuit of the demands of the disadvantaged classes and forbids violence and is committed to the maintenance of public order, but this is not a punishable offense. "

He Yacoubi, "was on the authorities to open the door to dialogue and listen fairly to these demands and respond to everything right and just, this is what endears governments to peoples and perpetuates its existence, the silence the voice of the people claim their rights with murder, imprisonment, torture and denial of human rights, it breeds violence increases from the abyss and opens loopholes to penetrate the enemy ", stressing that" loyalty to the martyrs not be movements Performing and data meager and words that are not the reality of her on the ground, but championing the principles that have sacrificed in order to achieve them and to trace and move on what went on it. "

The Saudi Interior Ministry announced Saturday on the implementation of the death sentence against the cleric Nimr al-Nimr on charges of "incitement", as well as 46 other people on charges of "terrorism", triggering a wave of angry reactions on the popular and official levels in Iraq and the region to condemn the execution of the judgment.