Secure salaries through domestic borrowing and the fight against corruption

Stressed the parliamentary finance committee member Husam punitive possibility of employees' salaries to secure during the current year 2016 by relying on government banks and internal borrowing. He said punitive in a press statement: that «the financial crisis real Iraq, like other countries that rely on oil exports large Depending will have the crisis». On the possibility of securing employees' salaries for the current year between the punitive «in principle can be dealt with things through government banks relying on internal loans and the launch of an internal bonds in addition to the presence of oil exports, have returned those capable secured the salaries procedures. He called punitive to obtain the non-oil revenues properly and attention as it is written in the budget, noting that there are a lot of non-oil revenues, which should attention and follow-up.
in turn, said the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi: «What taken by Iraq of austerity measures and the reduction of salaries and external borrowing and maximize its resources would not benefit in resolving the financial crisis, what No curb corruption and stop stealing money world capital, citing the possibility of exposure all the money obtained from the procedures of the theft.
Tamimi said in a press statement that «the deterioration of the financial situation not only in Iraq but in a lot of countries in the world with a financial crisis because of lower oil prices especially countries that rely mainly on oil, including Iraq «. She explained that «some countries were able to develop other revenue decreased level of risk for them, indicating that those better than countries that rely on oil only states put, stressing that Iraq will not go bankrupt and needs to move to other resources, including the religious tourism and untapped well, pointing to the existence of a lot of waste and stop it needs to be packaged in money management.
She Tamimi that Iraq enjoyed the presence of churches and archaeological sites and sacred thresholds if interested in them would have been good imports in addition to customs, pointing out that a very large revenue but corruption is destroyed, revealing exposure governmental action to corruption, including economic loans, stressing Iraq's failure need of any external financial loan if he can adjust its financial management and interested in its resources is oil, noting that the country has struggled heads of big corruption while the law applies to the perpetrators of corruption small, such as bribery staff The leaves and other large files. Tamimi called for corrupt Accounting whatever their positions and open their files of any size, whether small or large, warning of exposure spending cuts proceedings or loans or any another supplier to theft by corrupt, urging the prime minister to beatings at the hands of corrupt, calling for Parliament and regulators with him to face corruption deterrent measures, likely to be a tough year next year, but with difficulty afterthought there capable of things, including financial Bhhalp file delivered to the specialists have fair procedures.