Trade establish special badges for flour transport wheels to curb manipulation

The Ministry of Commerce decided to put private Bnakulai flour in Baghdad and the provinces badges to identify their tracks allocated to carriers and cutouts, so as to reduce the incidence of some manipulation in the production of rings and the transfer of flour. A statement of the ministry, [where] received by all of Iraq, a copy of it from the Director General of the General Company for the manufacture of grain Taha Yassin Abbas, presided over the first meeting of the board of directors of the company in the new year 2016, saying "the company has taken several measures to reduce the incidence of manipulation that may get in some production workshops and transfer of flour up to the agents, which included in addition to the badges tariff assigned supervisory and inspection committees in the company to carry out unannounced visits to mills, agents and follow-up carriers and conduct a questionnaire about the quality of the flour-equipped to citizens and dates of processing to monitor any case of a delay in processing or manipulation in the quality of flour distributor.
"he added." As the meeting's emphasis on retrenchment and the search for new sources of financing to strengthen the company's resources through the study of some of the proposals and the formation of several committees to make the necessary studies,
"the statement continued," The meeting also dealt with a review of private production and processing flour catalog of position across the country, and provide detection of irregularities mills that have been monitored through the work of the supervisory committees and the application of penalty clauses against the mills where the offense has imposed fines on violators, in addition to Two mills have to stop working for committing irregularities quality ".