Prospective amendment to the law of the provinces to seek the nomination of the members of the Council ..


BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

Pushed the financial crisis experienced by Iraq, by the drop in oil prices, to think of new measures that will reduce the pressure on the budget austere Osla.otders government and parliament, a new amendment to the law of the provinces aimed at reducing the members of the provincial councils to only 15 people, and the abolition of Councils, to provide the expenses of this councils and facilitate decision-making Mahlah.utedd financial crisis and the occupation of Daash for some provinces, to postpone the local elections scheduled for 2017, due to their high cost, which amounts to 700 billion dinars.

And waiting for the Committee of the Regions and the provincial parliament for the government to send the third amendment to the law of the provinces, in order to reduce the members of the provincial councils.
The provincial law, which came into force last August, and the difficulties encountered in the transfer of the powers of five federal ministries to local governments. The government decided Abadi, the end of 2014, the withdrawal of the appeal submitted by law modifying Law No. 21 provinces.
Revealed committee parliamentary regions, recently, for the determination of the House of Representatives Add a new amendment to the provincial law, likely to lead to a reduction of the members of the Board of each province to 15 members say a combination of the Attorney Messenger Radi Abu Hasna, Rapporteur of the Committee of Regions parliamentary and provincial, to "reduce the number of members of the provincial councils gave us a proposal of the governance organization supported by the United Nations and on the activation of decentralized systems in the world, "pointing out that" Parliament is waiting to send this proposal by the government for legislation in future periods. "
He said Abu Hasna, told the (range), "The proposal submitted to our committee is talking about reducing the members of the provincial minimum to 15 members by demographic representation," but noted that "the proposal is still under study within the government and the parliament before any amendment to the Law No. 21 private provincial council. "
He explained to the Committee of the Regions and a member of the provinces that "the proposal also includes the cancellation of Councils and exclusive district councils to do what is doing the members of the municipal council," adding that the latter "is redundant loop."
It is expected by the rule of law, "the reluctance of Amendment Act No. 21 so as to ensure minimizing or reducing the number of members of the provincial councils," attributing it to "Government's preoccupation with financial and security crises through which Iraq" .ooqr the House of Representatives, at its previous session, the second amendment to the provincial law No. 21 for the year 2008, which regulates the work of local governments and the provincial councils and the withdrawal of most of the service ministries and the powers granted to the provincial governments.
And on the implications of the reluctance to amend a law 21 to the provincial elections, he says Abu Hasna said, "the cost of provincial elections was estimated at 700 billion dinars, by the provinces and the Electoral Commission councils," stressing "the difficulty of obtaining this amount in the aftermath of the financial crisis in Iraq."
It is expected a member of the Committee of the Regions "to postpone the local elections, scheduled for early April 2017, due to the financial crunch and the deteriorating security situation in some provinces in the event of survival, however Daash".
In turn confirms Amuslimawi MP Salim, a member of the parliamentary committee for the regions, that "it is not possible to cancel or reduce the provincial council members without studying the subject thoroughly."
And on a proposed amendment law of the provinces, Amuslimawi says, in an interview for the (long), that "there is a great convergence of views between the government and parliament to reduce the number of provincial councils in line with the financial challenges that we are experiencing," stressing "the existence of a large financial cost caused by expenses this Local governments on the federal budget. "
The member bloc citizen "Among the things that prompted my presidency, parliament and ministers to put forward such amendments is to reduce the differences occurring within a single provincial council," adding that "large numbers of members make it difficult to pass the most important decisions because of political differences."
MP for the province of Babylon, and believes that "reducing the number of members of the provincial councils facilitate the convergence of views between members of the same governorate and reduces the financial cost to the treasury of the Federal State." He pointed out that "determine the number of members is subject to debate within the parliamentary committee of the regions".
Amuslimawi denies that the amendment affects the provincial law on the transfer of powers which came into force in August.
The MP Khaled Mafraji, Chairman of the provincial parliament, he noted that the amendment to the upcoming provincial law stipulates the need for the completion of the transfer of powers through 2016. He believed that the application of provincial law will replace more than half of Iraq's security, economic and administrative problems.