Industry and Minerals held a meeting to discuss the mechanics of work after the companies merge process

Tuesday 01/05/2016 16:43

Iraq today / Hussein Hassan
Contract and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals administrative, Mackie wondrous Hammoud meeting at the ministry building to discuss the mechanics of work after the companies merge process.
Hammoud said in an interview in front of managers procurators companies: "It is essential that there be new parts, and the administration also have after the merger is Alachtareetly director of the company's new whoever is most efficient for the management of work in which the merged companies, regardless of the company's website or the lab for post-proximity" .
And between Hammoud, "said the ministry embarked on the application integration and reduce public its decision after the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers approval, according to the similarity of specialty and industrial activity to be limited in number two and thirty companies public only after the number was more than seventy company without compromising the human resources working in these companies, and came Within the reforms adopted by the ministry for the promotion of the local industrial reality and especially at this critical time that the country has suffered from financial distress due to the continuing decline in oil, calling on all parties to support this trend being will contribute to increasing the effectiveness of companies, including making it a tributary of the national economy plan. "
It also stressed "that there will be military industries for the manufacture of ammunition and weapons to provide considerable material amounts of the country instead of importing them from abroad in hard currency and form Abye on the shoulders of the state, particularly since Iraq is locked in a battle to counter the terrorist gangs that want to undermine the unity of the country, stressing that as revived He was restored. "