The completion of the oil agreement plugging the budget deficit

0501 2016
For Oil and Energy Committee in the House of Representatives said it continuing to work to accomplish for the regulation of oil exports and imports generated by this wealth bills, stressing the need to oil exports increase in practice through the preparation and the creation of laws pertaining to this matter, to be presented for discussion in the House and voted on and then approval.

The Chairman of the Commission on oil and energy Ares Abdullah, the "morning": that "the Committee examined and discussed in their meetings laws referred to it projects, for the purpose of submission to the House of Representatives, to read a first reading, and to address the government on its position on the formula that you have sent in the previous laws to the Commission, and the formation of a committee Miniature members, to determine the priorities of the laws referred to, such as the draft second amendment to the law on investment in the crude oil No. 64 filter for the year 2007, and the law exempting foreign companies and sub-contractors and foreign contractors in licensing rounds of fee contracts in the bill law ", adding that" the Commission It has made its observations on the recent law. "

Share petrodollars

He said Abdullah, "The Committee also discussed the draft law to determine the provinces producing and non-producing share, as expressed observations on the wording of a number of materials, particularly Article 3 of the law relating to the validity of the Council of Ministers to reconsider the rates granted to the provinces producing oil, as the Commission decided to agree on the abolition of these Article, and voted to proceed introduced a draft law on the presidency of the Council with a view to legislation. "He continued that" the Committee also discussed the topics finance the federal budget for 2015 and accruals oil companies operating in licensing rounds and Midland Refineries Company in the presence of the parliamentary finance committee. "

Statement of the oil agreement

He revealed Abdullah, for the issuance of the Commission statement on Baghdad and Erbil oil agreement, with the announcement that the Iraqi governorates outside the Kurdistan region will get the 83 percent of imports exporting oil region in the event of the success of the implementation of the agreement Alnafty.odaa Committee's statement, all parties and political blocs to ensure the success of this agreement in the best interest of the people, especially that this agreement will support the Iraqi economy and contribute to bridging the deficit in the general budget of the country through imports of oil Alakulaim.obin that "the supervisory role played by the committee was important to discuss the issue of lack of staff of the Ministry of Industry companies pay of being self-financing companies and unproductive now, where it was agreed to discuss the matter with the Finance Committee to reach a solution, and discuss the reasons for non-arrival of the product to the citizens in Anbar province and sell it on the black market or smuggled to Daash ".

Alternative energies

Furthermore, said Chairman of the Oil and Energy Committee, to the host and Electricity Minister Qassim Fahdawi and officials in the ministry, came to discuss the ministry's plans for electricity production until the year 2020 and to activate the investment side in the sector and re-pricing of Alkahraba.oadav wages "as members of the Committee discussed ways to achieve reliance on alternative energies, and the factors that hinder the arrival of the oil product to Anbar province, where it was agreed to approach the Anbar Operations Command and other security agencies to make a list of the names of the liberated areas and finding safe ways to deliver these products. "

He noted the Chairman of the Commission on oil and energy to the host committee for the Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, and a number of general managers in the ministry, to discuss the recent oil understanding between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government and discuss plans developed by the Ministry of Oil in regards to the production and export of crude oil for 2016, and future prospects it benefits companies within the licensing rounds.

Distribution of wealth

In turn, Deputy Chairman of the oil Bahadli, "The visits of the Commission to the Kurdistan region, discussed the oil policy in the region, and the willingness of the Ministry of Natural Resources to cooperate with the federal government to resolve all outstanding issues and agree on communication and coordination between the two sides and work on the convergence of views as part of the role the supervisory committee. "

He said Bahadli "morning": that "it was agreed to a legal oil and gas, financial resources and the equitable distribution of the wealth of the Iraqi people and the concerted efforts to fight Daash approval, being the enemy of all," revealing the conclusion of a memorandum of understanding between the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary and the Committee on Industry and Energy and Natural Resources in Parliament of the region, including a number of principles and see, supervision and follow-up on the agreements between the federal and provincial government in the oil, power, gas and natural resources areas of agreements and work on sustainability and implementation and to identify the obstacles they face and to express an opinion to the convergence of views, pointing out that the note included the principle of mutual cooperation for the study of projects laws relating to oil and gas, energy, natural resources and other relevant laws under the Constitution.

Bilateral agreements
Bahadli He noted that the Committee visited the province of Maysan to attend the Conference Exhibition and Conference Misan Second International Energy and Construction (science, technology and means of development and innovation), and visit one of the oil wells in the Halfaya field for the functioning of the said meeting field with a field project Halfaya Chinese company manager (Petro China Halfaya) for the company's work mechanism and put the problems and constraints affecting the Amlha.obin "The committee met with French Ambassador Marc Baretti to Iraq, economic adviser at the embassy to discuss the situation in Iraq in the areas of security, economy and ways to develop relations and the common interests to serve the two countries, especially in the oil and energy sector to coincide with the the drop in oil prices in global markets
And unstable. "
Al Sabaah 2016