A project to expand the Iraqi port of Faw

2016/01/05 21:48 Number of Views: 67

Tomorrow Press / Follow-up: The President of the Commission of Economy and Investment representative of Iraq, Jawad al-Bolani, the government's approval on the proposal of the Commission put a proposal to the port of Faw to invest during an extended conference will be held in the province of Basra. , he said in an interview to the newspaper "life" of London and seen by "tomorrow Press" "The project is one of the important solutions and saving the Iraqi economy due to the revenues that will exceed several sectors except oil." He continued that "the previous and current governments Adzta on the implementation of the project, despite its introduction early in 2010 due to high costs and can not be allocated an estimated $ 5 billion euros for implementation, "noting" we have initiated as a committee interested in investing subtracting the idea and get the approval of the prime minister and the Ministry of Transport. "He stressed that" the form of a committee composed of three deputies joined by experts from the Ministry of Oil and the government and the province of Basra, work will begin to prepare for the conference, which will be invited to all the specialized establishment of companies giant ports, with the possibility of allocating a portion of its funding through shares will go in the Securities Market Iraq allow any citizen to be a partner in the completion of this gigantic project. "