Judicial Authority issued an explanation for the general amnesty law

Tuesday 05-01-2016 | 2:28:38

Twilight News / Federal Authority confirmed that it is not the role of the general amnesty the controversial law, to Avnh that the government is one of the submitted a draft law to parliament.

The judge said Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar spokesman for the judiciary in an interview for Twilight News reported, "The Council of Ministers is to submit a draft of the amnesty law."
Bayraktar said that "the project and according to our information exists in the House of Representatives responsible for the approval," adding that "the federal judiciary has no role in the enactment of the law."
He added that "the role of the Supreme Judicial Council was confined to form a committee made observations about the law."

And who is due to the Iraqi parliament voted on the amnesty law next Tuesday, after the amendments and postponing lasted for more than a parliamentary session.