Medhat al-Mahmoud and the law of the limited amnesty

Mohammed Fakhruddin Tuesday 0.05 January 0.2016

It seems that the new amnesty law which will be released soon may separate the size of the corrupt and looters of public money even willing Mahmood to issued a law of their names with a word of thanks and appreciation of the courage and the Order has pre-empted Mahmoud Bakannouna corrupt Masitalh later as raising the responsibility and the possibility of re-opening of cases in which a personal Mahmoud involvement Some of those involved judges and in agreement with al-Maliki and al-Abadi and the parties to the window of the Dawa Party and the consent of all the political blocs because it is the basis of a partner in corruption and therefore the amnesty law shifted from trying to fix the conditions of some of the individual crimes to absolve the one who stole the people's money and loot its wealth especially the elite of the poles of power and their tails, which so It has been fulfilled for the owners of all its obligations to protect and immunize against the survival in office and allow him to al-Maliki from going out the security of Iraq and to ensure that international prosecution even if the rules change or miracle occurred pushed Balebadi to prosecute the corrupt and Hatanh seriously not in words Ironically, Mr. Mahmood insisted on the amnesty law of exception heads of independent bodies former exclusively from that covered by the amnesty law or accused of publishing and media issues and intended to do so Judge Rahim and have had thus achieved two first is to continue the judicial proceedings against Mr. Ugaili and stall until prove his innocence, and the second to prevent him from carrying out his job until Astbab it for Mahmoud and obtaining US citizenship and his escape out of Iraq with a steal and an abundance of money is haram, accompanied by his American wife and so true that the so-called amnesty limited Mahmood law is simple and the proposal of Mr. Mahmood under the austerity policy and to avoid squandering and waste of public money and spend it to print costly law that only half the white paper writes the following preamble First Mr. Rahim amnesty law does not cover at all.

And for him this law was enacted. And it provides printing charge amount to put it in his pocket or to buy his ticket to Washington to perform there to expose al-Maliki and his followers Abraa to his duty or to write his memoirs for corruption cases despite his nose involving and threatened directly by Mr. al-Maliki and puts his shocking title (when I was an appendage of the dog I try).