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Benefit: the Government would adopt tax to plug in. No lay-offs


Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister, the Iraqi Government will not resort to dismissals or salary, and he noted that the Government will adopt several measures to bridge the budget deficit, including taxation and bank borrowing, bond noted that the MoE has not obtained until now only 20% of revenue.

The Chancellor said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, in an interview for the programme (NAS and the Government) that displays on the screen space, the term channel "some addressed the media about the demobilization of personnel and stop salaries and redundancy in information war ' strategies on the State of Iraq", saying that "talk is inaccurate and the Government is keen on the inviolability of life and salaries enough to eat some of the popular and media circles.
Saleh said, "there are several steps to be taken by the Iraqi Government to bridge the deficit in the public budget of the country, including 13 steps, including activation of taxation and resorting to borrowing bank bonds and restructured some institutions of the factories don't work since 2003 and its employees shall receive a salary until now,"
he said, adding that "the staff of these institutions will not be released or demobilization but there are controls and administrative assets to ensure they continue to work."