Smart card direct pay permits import and export
January 5, 2016


General company for Iraqi Ministry of trade fairs for engaging the receipt of import and export permits fees via smart card (moxibustion card) with effect from the 10th of the month.

He said the company's General Manager Jasem Ali in a statement obtained by the news agency for "our economy" that "these actions come under the akhtral of time and red tape and simplify procedures and eliminate friction employee references to transparency and integrity," he said, adding that "the company is in line with the orientations of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the direct supervision of the Sudanese Trade Minister Mohammed sheyaa is now working to streamline the procedure for granting work permits to import through the single-window system via an electronic system to be decided in the coming months."

Called the-Amiri "exporters and importers of the obligation to pay the fees for your Vacations through smart card company after the commencement of the implementation of this system will not receive any fees otherwise."

In another context that Ameri confirmed "his delegation visited Iran on joint cooperation with exhibitions mishary commercial and industrial in both countries and serve the common interests."

"That visit yielded several encounters approached the competent ministries and departments and industrial and commercial sectors and the economic development of a joint mechanism to control the type of material and goods involved for Iraq, pointing out that" the visit was at the invitation by the management of the gallery scene.

The statement noted that "the delegation extended an invitation to the Iranian side in the presence of the Basrah international fair poster by some Iranian products and some artifacts in