Turkey: Open the crossing [Habor] border with Iraq as of Monday

The Minister of Customs and Trade Turkish Bulent Tovnkja announced Sunday he will open crossing [Habor] border with Iraq in [Şırnak Province] south-east of Turkey as of Monday after closing earlier for security reasons.
Said Tovnkja in a statement to reporters after meeting with and to Şırnak Province Ali Sow and other officials of the Customs in crossing the 500 mechanism will pass to Iraq and 750 mechanism will enter Turkey in the first phase, pointing out that his government is aware of the importance of the Habur crossing for exporters and the inhabitants of the region.
He added that the There is an ongoing anti-terrorism security operations in judicial [Silopi and Gizrh] in [Şırnak Province] stressing continue these operations until the elimination of all terrorists.
In the assessment of the economic data relating to the crossing exhibition pointed Tovnkja that a large part of our exports during 2015 crossed this border gate and sends Most of the exporters in the eastern regions of East and South and Istanbul their products to the Middle East, especially Iraq.
The cause Send Turkey at the beginning of last month, 150 soldiers, accompanied by a number of tanks to the nearby city of Mosul Ba'shiqah area to replace the Turkish unit stationed there two and a half outbreak of a diplomatic crisis between Ankara and Baghdad since it Last seen that the entry of soldiers prejudice its sovereignty and demanded Bshabhm.