Baghdad is preparing a plan for the collection of the profession and the Advertising and waste of taxpayers fees

The Municipality of Baghdad announced the preparation of a plan for the profession directly collects fees and advertising and waste of taxpayers in the year 2016.
According to a statement of the Secretariat of the Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of "an expanded meeting was held in the office of the Municipality of Baghdad municipal agent cream Alboukhata and general manager of the administrative department Hussein Al-Mutairi was attended by aides directors-general of departments and municipal managers sections collection in these departments to discuss the collection plan for the current year 2016.
"The Baghdad Municipality has prepared a plan to directly levy profession and Advertising and waste of taxpayers who engage in commercial activities across the capital Baghdad regions fee.
The statement said that" imports Baghdad Municipality Act stipulated that each of practicing pay 10% of the amount of annual rent, as well as drawing announcement any party declaring itself in the streets and at 10 thousand dinars per square meter varies according to the Arab announcement language of the mother foreign
He said the "collection includes wage waste to all the activities of non-residential is determined by the nature of each activity was estimated by the Municipality of Baghdad a month, noting that" the Municipality Baghdad and taking into account the practitioners of these professions will installments amounts collection over several installments, according to the amounts to be paid in line with the nature of the current economic situation.
"The statement continued that" the Baghdad Municipality will issue a paper claim similar used to those in the collection of wage electricity and water are distributed to taxpayers, according to estimates realistic and accurate real The objective of the amounts.
He noted that "the meeting addressed a number of issues, notably the problems and constraints facing the collection process and ways to solve it and reconsider the previous Paljrodat which resulted in increase the number of taxpayers and increase the size of proceeds amounts that contribute to the development and promotion of the reality of services provided to Baghdad and Ahlha.