Saadi (range): Courts give Maliki "dictatorship legitimate"
Date: Thursday, 08.03.2012 9:40
Baghdad / Iyad al-Tamimi

The face of the independent MP Sabah al-Saadi harsh criticism to the Federal Court reversed after the financial and legal oversight of the integrity who been endorsed by the House of Representatives, stressing that they (the court) dictate legitimize what he saw as the dictatorship of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

Saadi said in an interview with the (range) yesterday, "that the dispute between the government and Parliament about the laws involving the competent authority in the appointment of a major Office of Financial Supervision Authority and integrity". "

He continued that "the law before the veto provides the choice of 3 candidates for each body by a joint committee between the financial, legal and integrity in Parliament, and therefore are to vote on one of them," and expressed surprise at the insistence of the government to overturn the law and said, "This mechanism does not cause damage because the representatives of the people candidates are chosen according to the conditions that must be met to assume from this position, "noting that" this mechanism is followed in most countries of the world, in that the parliament is responsible for naming the heads of independent bodies. "

And inferred Saadi legal materials to the Integrity Commission and the Board of Supreme Audit, and added, "It is true that they enjoy a degree of the minister, but they are not ministers, criticizing the court's decision set aside these laws and said," The Court's interpretation was in accordance with Article 73 of the Constitution under which a prime minister of his government, and that is not logical because the bodies are not independent of ministerial cab. "

According to the court's decision, the government, according to Saadi continues to put pressure on independent bodies, especially integrity, it will repeat the scenario of head of the former Rahim, who said of him Saadi, "when he wanted to open files corruption condemns Maliki's corruption forced him last to resign," warning of the continuation of the case as it is said, "Government will implement this policy against the president of Supreme Audit and the Governor of the Central Bank."

Member of the Integrity Commission, expressed his dissatisfaction with the performance of the head of the present Ala-Saadi, said, "that over the past six months did not provide an account of the corruption cases were opened by the body, did not see a resolution of any file or arrest warrants against the corrupt and they are many in the institutions of the state." Saadi attacked the presidency of the Federal Court of the Supreme Judicial Council said that it is not neutral, noting "they interpret the Constitution according to what you want the prime minister, and this is the establishment of a new dictatorship give them the form of law", saying al-Maliki "a dictator a legitimate according to interpretations of the Federal Court."

He urged independent MP Presidency of the Council of Representatives to abolish the decision of the judiciary in any way, and mediate to the President of the Republic and who is who has the supreme control being a sponsor of this Constitution.

To that considered a member of the Integrity Committee for the parliamentary bloc MP white high Nassif that the House has committed a constitutional error is viewed as that MP has a set of positions in special grades is not the prime minister and parliament.

Nassif added in a statement to the correspondent term in the Parliament that the creation of a new article in the law, regulatory, financial integrity is extremely dangerous.

She Nassif said the decisions and interpretations of the Federal Court in accordance with Article 94 of the Constitution and enforceable and to the executive and legislative compliance.

For his part, Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Committee on Integrity Khalid al-Alwani said the law has returned from the Federal Court to the Integrity Committee and is now based drafted as decided by the court.

He guessed Alwani in a statement to the extent that the law as amended, will see the great political debates, especially after the redrafted the paragraph that will determine who is the authority that oversees the appointment of the Chairman of the Commission.

The Chancellor of the Council of Ministers Mary Rais had said "It's not likely confusion, the link to the two regulatory Parliament The administrative council of Ministers in accordance with the Constitution by giving the right of nomination to the government in cooperation with the relevant authorities and are to vote on the names in the parliament, it may give the House of Representatives executive powers outside the Constitution.
Quoted (range) for Rais said, "Even though the Constitution talked about the bodies financially independent and are subject to the control of Parliament, but this does not prevent the existence of the work of its executive, and thus links the administrative government."

It concluded that "if the conflict continues between the government and parliament, the Federal Court will cut through any doubt on the likelihood of the other."