The arrest of Lebanese and Iraqi prosecution for theft and the effects of trading

Money laundering and economic crime court revealed, for the arrest Ay Lebanese in Beirut in cooperation with the Arab police for possession of a stolen Iraqi artifacts.
Said Iyad Muhsin ligature second judge in the court in a lengthy investigation to eliminate all Iraqi antiquities stolen and smuggled out of that file, "coincidence led to the discovery through the media important implications."
Between, "The report presented by Channel [island] satellite [country] led the Commission staff relics to the statue Snkarot who was in possession of a Lebanese woman was conducted with a television interview.
"The ligature, that" Iraq move the case at the Lebanese court for the restoration of the statue in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our embassy in Beirut and obtained a decision Pastrdadh and arrested Haizath cooperation with the Arab police. "
Among the recent redeem, ligature explained, "that the 43 relics which is about a golden Assyrian earrings were present in the auction Christie's American."
He stated that "the court papers investigative regarding the participants to trade Iraqis have Norwegian citizenship effects of Iraq," noting "the issuance of the memorandum catch and retrieve the file against him ".