Trade denies statements disable ports ships loaded with wheat south of the country


The Ministry of Commerce denied disabled ships loaded with wheat in the ports of Basra province, south of the country.
The ministry said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "the reports about disabled ships loaded with textured wheat south of the country by the ministry baseless", indicating that "the Minister of Trade Mohammed Sudanese directly supervises the unloading of these ships process and transfer to the provinces and processing of citizens. "
"The other is trying to disseminate this news to distort the work of the ministry and the reforms carried out in various fields, stressing that" the ministry is working in accordance with the mechanisms related to examination, laboratory before entering any material to the country, and this needs to be a routine procedure intended to prevent the entry of any material unfit for consumption human. "
The ministry noted that "there are points of seeking to discredit the work of the ministry through baseless allegations."
The subsidiary of the Ministry of Transport Directorate carried the ports in a statement today, the Ministry of Trade measures to disable the entry giant two ships loaded with 100 000 tonnes of wheat to the docking ports.
The official spokesman of the Iraqi ports Anmar net in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "the steamer Banciz], and other [Niarchos] waiting for the middle of the sea for more than a month of entering and Rsoheme inside Iraqi ports due to the delay of the Ministry of Trade measures."
He explained, "The first ship carrying 50 000 tons of wheat waiting to be for the five-week in the waiting area as well as other ship, which carry the same amount of wheat waiting for its second week for the same reasons, despite the availability of pavements and the readiness of Iraqi ports to meet them and Tfrighma" .