Jubouri: the next stage will be to find new outlets for budget support phase
arabstoday- Jubouri

Dated: January 4, 2016

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq, said Parliament Speaker Salim al-Iraq Anne him to be at the center of the process of reconciliation in the region as a whole and not part of the polarization existing operations Viha.onql a statement his office quoted him as saying during a visit to spend Abu Ghraib, west of Baghdad at the head of a parliamentary delegation and Masa today : "Iraq has good relations with the countries of the region and the world and is characterized by internal diversity should be invested for the sake of it," adding that "Iraq fought a rare confrontation against terrorism topless limited potential and circumstance difficult economic condition, so it is necessary to move from the process of building ourselves to give lessons stage the whole world ".ohdd Jubouri that" the next stage will be to find new outlets for budget support economic and build an integrated where everyone contributes without relying only on the oil phase, "explaining," We are suffering from the economic problematic for our dependence on oil as a resource essential to the process of the economy, the land of Iraq and the possibilities available must invest especially in the field of industry and agriculture, and we are here today in order to contribute to that, ".wachad the role of the families of the district of Abu Ghraib and its aspects, pointing out that" some were betting on the judiciary and other Baghdad belt areas in that the alternative dispute between them but the image reflected and represented In the case of mutual engagement between the people of Abu Ghraib and their cooperation and support for some of them to give it a lesson Iraqis pan that they can stay united ". As The head of the parliament that" this parliament to attend and the government is striking confirms the desire to support the judiciary and find a solution to its problems and constraints faced by them in all aspects as a supporter back to the provinces that were terrorism and suffered and paid a heavy blood in the face and response. "