Fall Daash


Omran al-Obeidi

More than a function indicates that the compass international deal with al Daash terrorist has occurred in which a significant change and that the international perception of this organization, which has been to for quite some time limited to oral assessment of the seriousness of this regulation, leaving the countries that suffer from it Tsarah semi-solo, and they shy occurred international participation In other times and third conditional confused and volatile as a result of conflicts of interests and international factors in the region.

Today balances are changing and it seems that Daash that organization that was given larger than it's worth more than what it really is and live Chriva yet clear that there were signs of the decline of his influence is clear in the region in general and in Iraq in particular. Daash over the past months and down to the present day has lost influence in Salah al-Din / Tikrit province today and lose the most important strongholds in Anbar and Ramadi, specifically to begin the journey to the most collapse. The first decline and it is important that he is not only in the area controlled by Daash but in reverse serious in the Western mentality, which realized the gravity of which required a fundamental shift in dealing with him and think in ways that are quite different from the previous after hit and seriously strongholds of Western countries.
The investment of this transformation is necessary after Russia entered on the line to occur a shift in the construction of the US thinking in dealing with Daash which had formed an international coalition suffered a lot of criticism in the style of his dealings, which was characterized by lax and slow, prompting a lot of Iraqis and international skepticism.
The shift in dealing with Daash by the West must open new outlets in dealing and cooperation between the Iraqis and countries with regard to the international coalition and must be concerned with putting the above suspicions and accusations behind their backs and deal with the situation Bzmnha after engendered convictions in the West that are able to Iraqi forces The defeat did a lot Daash if they were available in front and aerial intelligence backing, which is owned by Western forces could help the Iraqis to deal professionally with points of presence members of the organization. T-interests of the West is moving Doiha and grasp it by the Iraqis and seriously easy to deal with Western forces, despite the size of the doubts that fill the mentality of Iraqis after more than a year on the western stall in the salvation of Daash.
Daash that heralds autumn has begun and Mabaki of his influence in the western region settled with the seriousness and desire to get ride of it and controlled interests in that desire. Iraqi important to have salvation quickly it is part of a healthy Iraq, which will be the beginning of a new stage, but this stage may carry a lot of surprises that require Iraqi political preparations to avoid potential internal conflicts, which means that the path of political move parallel to the military action and learn politicians of the past experience near which requires a lot of political dimensions crews that produced an unprecedented havoc and those task and a challenge at least as important as the salvation of Daash issue that has expired.