Liberation of gray Daash


Redha al-Saadi

This is the address that we have been waiting and we expect with confidence and faith in God Almighty first and the capabilities of our military and mobilized heroes and all other forces .. Here is the joy that we have been waiting, flapping in the atmosphere of all of Iraq and Ramadi in particular .. as flying the Iraqi flag Shamekh over government complex there, while people all looked with love and pride and standing with the victory of one heart and feeling unified and one goal towards liberalization of Mosul abomination bastards criminals.
Gray freed, and the news came certainty and check achievement at the hands of the brave heroes, the Iraqi military command announced in a statement liberation of the city, which saw battles for several months against germs "Allaasalamah the state," the fight against terrorism and raised the Iraqi flag forces the city center.
Liberated gray after that tasted her family two because of warlords and platforms traffickers with the blood of innocent people, and because of pretenders who placebo people they represent their voices and choices, but in the latter sold them a handful dollars for some countries in the region .. sold them and Ahjrohm to resort them to their hotels 5-star and palaces stolen people's money in neighboring countries, and to achieve a false shameful presence via satellite and the media, or through new alliances suspicious of a new conspiracy Iholunh after the elimination of Aldoaash.
But the people in Ramadi, Mosul and Tikrit, Iraq all have unearthed and removed their masks malicious malevolent, they are not more than brokers, however, third parties who buys and sells them under the political and partisan glamorous addresses from the outside, rotten subcontractors and content ..
Today aspires to become the eyes of Mosul, with hope and optimism and determination, in order to catch her sister gray and live Blarraat Mcfhrh Daashah usurped the land and supply and sanctities .. Blasmasserh tools and conspiratorial buys and sells the blood of the people and its land and its holy sites.
It is a great victory despite the noses of states supporting terrorism .. great victory boosts confidence in ourselves more and push us towards more satisfied our security and our borders and our lives .. Nasr initiated by men crowd in Miami and its conclusion caught at the hands of the great our military, everyone has participated in this Iraqi ceremony brilliant, starting from appeal Reference immortal through uprooted and made a scapegoat youth of Iraq and the end of the pure blood that watered the dirt there to yo u again the banner of liberation above pure free from all microbes Aldaashah sinful atmosphere.