Trade is negotiating with a number of domestic and foreign companies for the supply of types of construction materials

: 2016/1/4

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} General Company for the trade of construction materials announced negotiations with a number of owners of domestic and foreign companies producing and exporting construction materials and wishing to contract on the supply of various types and quantities that are handled by the company.
The general director of the company and the agency morning Falih said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today that "The aim of these negotiations and meetings come within the framework of supplying the Iraqi market with new materials with high quality standards," pointing to "that of those companies that met her was A delegation of Iranian Industries Group company producing rebar and Adias Over Lebanese company for exporting Chinese iron reinforcement and Dar serenity for the export of rebar and the Ukrainian company own the land of green meadows produces iron Turkish armament. "
He explained, "and that his company through the import department is working on a contract with the Iraqi private sector in line" with the minister guidance based on national products and industries Iraqi capabilities and the exploitation of public money to increase budget revenues in 2016 to be considered is the year of the national product ".anthy