Liberal: the U.S. embassy number present danger to the security of Iraq

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. Liberal block was considered in the National Alliance, Wednesday, and the presence of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, who works with this number which immediately become a threat to the security of Iraq.

The MP said the bloc Ali al-Timimi told / Baghdadiya News /, "The Iraqi government must deal with the United States similarly claim by reducing the number of its embassy in Baghdad Amln such number of Iraqis working at the Embassy of Iraq in Washington."

Tamimi said that "Iraq get rid of the American military occupation, which was more serious than the occupation represented by the diplomatic embassy."

He explained that "the political parties had hoped that the relationship between Iraq and the United States are better than it was, but the current reality requires us to repeat our demands of the need to have a presence of workers in the U.S. embassy like Him in the Embassy of Iraq in Washington."

He stressed the importance of the Attorney-Tamimi to be present in the work of the U.S. embassy diplomat only, not to exceed the work to spy on Iraq. "

He noted that "the U.S. embassy in Iraq is working according to the agendas of private and suspicious relationships with some of the political blocs in order to ignite sedition and problems that hinder the political process," stressing that "the Liberal bloc will put the issue of the U.S. embassy to Parliament and the reasons for presence of more than (16) thousand people between diplomat and agent, which generates more than a question mark over such an enormous number and nature of their work. "

Mention the United States Embassy in Baghdad, the U.S. is the largest embassy in the world in terms of area occupied by the number of employees in it, which was born the impression to many that the role of the Embassy exceed the limits of diplomatic work, / End / 49.