Anbar governor instructs the opening three special offices to re-displaced people to their areas in Ramadi

January 4, 2016 20:28

Anbar - Baghdadi News .. instructed the governor of Anbar Suhaib al-Rawi open three private offices to re-displaced people of the city of Ramadi to their home areas.

According to a document issued by the governor's office and got them Baghdadi News, that "due to the liberalization of the city of Ramadi, and the need to prepare for the reception of displaced families to the liberated areas' it was decided to open three offices for the reception of returnees from the people of Ramadi District."

The document added that "The first office will be in the hand Amiriyat al-Fallujah, and headed by (Faisal Hussein Jabbar) 'what would be the second office in the tourist city Balhbanah, and will be headed by (Hussein Ali Hussein)," adding that "the third office will be at hand to fulfill, and headed by (Naji Swaidan transient) ".

The Iraqi government announced on Monday (12.28.2015) the liberation of the city of Ramadi in full control of Daash terrorist organization, in addition to raising the Iraqi flag over the government building downtown.