US newspaper: Iraq will face a difficult situation for the reconstruction of gray and will eliminate 2016 of seeking to attract aid so

2016-01-04 20:24:39 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

US newspaper predicted on Monday that the Iraqi government is facing a difficult situation in Ramadi, as a result of the size of mass destruction that hit, and you need a lot of money nearly ten billion dollars, for the rebuilding, in light of the continued decline in global oil prices, likely to Iraq serving the public the current 2016 seeking to attract aid from donor countries and international aid organizations to assist in the reconstruction efforts.

The Wall Street Journal The Wall Street Journal American, in a report today, on the reconstruction of the city of Ramadi plans after the liberation, I followed the (long-Presse), said that "Iraqi officials will face a grim situation in the city."

The newspaper added that "Iraqi officials contend destroyed eighty percent of the facilities and infrastructure and buildings in Ramadi," indicating that "Anbar province, officials expect to reach the reconstruction of the city up to ten billion dollars in costs."

According to the Wall Street Journal, that "Iraqi officials and institutions of development and reconstruction in the country look to Ramadi, it will become an important symbol of the ability of the government on reconstruction, and hope that this will lead to the strengthening of the people of Anbar confidence in the government, which has long accused it of discrimination and sectarian persecution."

The newspaper quoted a spokesman for the Anbar Provincial Council, Holiday Ammash, saying, "The stability in Anbar mean contrast the stability of Iraq, because the province is the interface of the country."

He promised the American newspaper, that "escalating to re-gray reconstruction costs came at an inopportune time for the Government of Haider al-Abadi, who made the pledge at a meeting held last Monday (the 28th of December 2015 the past), to discuss the task, because the falling price of oil has been reduced from Budget revenues already drained the costs of the war against Daash, and meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of displaced people and the displaced. "

The newspaper pointed out, that "al-Abadi last week pledged to testify in the current 2016 end of regulation Daash in Iraq," arguing that "the achievement of that goal will cost the state huge amounts of money to be able then to stand on its own feet, as all cities and towns that have been edited from Daash yet , including Sinjar, Baiji and Tikrit, it has been almost of mass destruction. "

The governor of Anbar, Suhaib al-Rawi, according to the newspaper, "The Daash policy is to destroy everything before his withdrawal from the area which is occupied, such as bridges, hospitals and water projects Filter", stressing that "Daash goal is to sabotage just do not."

And confirmed Wall Street, the importance of "the air campaign waged by US aircraft against Daash ease the burden on the Iraqi ground forces and enable them to edit areas," afterthought "but on the other hand also cause inflicted significant damage to buildings and infrastructure in the cities to be edited."

And it demonstrated the paper on it to "air raid by US aircraft at the beginning of September 2015, the soccer stadium in Ramadi President, who exploited Daash to store weapons, where the pitch shift which accommodate 15 thousand spectators to ashes."

A spokesman for the coalition forces, Colonel Steve Warren, according to the newspaper, "The reconstruction of the affected towns were part of the equation since the start coalition implementation of air strikes against Daash in 2014," it returned to the "difficult to know the extent of the destruction caused by the Daash the city of Ramadi from that caused by coalition aircraft. "

Warren added, it "war where everything is where an exhibition of the destruction and damage."

And suggested Wall Street, that "Iraq spends the bulk of the new year of seeking to attract aid from donor countries and international aid organizations to assist in the reconstruction efforts."

The newspaper quoted the head of the Iraqi parliament, Saleem al-Jubouri, was quoted as saying in a press statement, said that "the level of the negative social and psychological consequences left by the occupation Daash to such areas beyond the limits of the Iraqi state possibilities, and requires a joint international effort, because the challenges after the battles with Daash, not easier from the face of the same organization. "

The Joint Special Operations Command in (the 28th of December announced 0.2015 last), the liberation of the city of Ramadi (110 km west of Baghdad), and raising the Iraqi flag over the government complex and its center, while promised that victory came "as a result of the cohesion of rows and the unity of the word" , confirmed near the liberalization of the rest of the cities "usurped".