Industry: the revival of the military industry as in the past

BAGHDAD / 1:35 - 01/04/2016

The Ministry of Industry and Minerals, to revive the military industry as in the past in Iraq as part of the fight against Alarhab.onql statement of the ministry's efforts (justice) has received a copy of it, from the Undersecretary Mackie wondrous Hammoud said while chairing a meeting at the ministry building to discuss the mechanics of work following the merger of the Ministry of companies process which emphasized "that there be military industries for the manufacture of ammunition and weapons to provide considerable material amounts of the country instead of importing them from abroad in hard currency and a burden on the shoulders of the state and especially since the country is going through a financial crisis." He added Hammoud that "Iraq is locked in a battle to counter the terrorist gangs that you want to Nile from the unity of the country, "stressing that" revive the military industry as it was in the ante "He pointed Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry in an interview in front of Ami ministry corporate managers, to" indispensability that there will be new sections and management also have after the merger is Alachtareetly Director General The new company who is most efficient for the management of work in which the merged companies, regardless of the company's website or the lab for after and proximity. "The Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed al-Darraji, announced last August, the formation of a supreme body of the defense industry under his chairmanship and membership of the officials in the ministry," adding that "Iraq spent an estimated 600 million dollars for the purchase of military equipment", stressing that "the ability of the ministry to re-mic experience to suit the current political system and international law."