Minister of Industry and Minerals held a meeting to discuss the mechanisms of action after the companies merge process

1/4/2016 7:39
Today Iraq / Baghdad
Chaired by Minister of Industry and Minerals - Mohammed Darraji, a meeting of general managers in the ministry building, to discuss the mechanisms of action after the companies merge process.
Hussein Hassan notification from the ministry, said more elaborate about the meeting: "
Between the minister during the meeting, literally it is essential that there be new sections and management have also, after the merger, and is located Alokhttiaraly general manager of the company's new, who is the most efficient, to manage the work in which the merged companies, regardless of the company's website or the lab for geographical location " and increased the minister: "There is important, because there are military industries, for the manufacture of ammunition and weapons to provide considerable material amounts of the country, instead of importing them from abroad in hard currency, to constitute a burden on the state, especially since the country is going through a financial crisis, particularly if Iraq fighting a battle offline , to confront the terrorist gangs that want to undermine the unity of the country ", and also the transfer of the source and as regards the previous paragraph:" The minister stressed the revived as it was restored. "