A significant impact for the region in energy, aviation

0401 2016
Atif Qureshi, the first technical consultant and analyzes the company «Booz Allen Hamilton» confirmed in the Middle East and North Africa, that the economic impact of the Middle East region plays a big role in changing the world's energy systems, and re-invent aviation, and focus on the future of the marine business and set new standards in engineering civil.

But he pointed out that with regard to regional services in the field of oil, gas and money does not clear the importance of the role played by large data in the aspects of safety, efficiency and decision-competitive decisions, what presents the key sectors for a possible retreat in front of the most open to new methods of global competitors.

The breeding a new generation of national specialists in data as an important factor in promoting a positive move towards the data, with their adaptation to focus on the results away from inputs (numbers), and understand the real organizational challenges better.

It should be clear data and institutions that have been collected, and provide foster a clearer understanding of the data available at any time, and achieve a balance between the ownership of the data and give them a general nature.

Enable specialists

The regional companies have to make more efforts to enable data professionals, and believe the important role of the results of their findings and the value implied by the contribution of these complex visions and floodlights in making good decisions.

It has long been associated with the Middle East, traditionally rich culture and based on the strength of relationships, respect for elders and wise men, and the importance of human interaction.

This makes the confidence of the information that has been processed, analyzed and enriched through the issue of intuitive machines away from the traditional method.

He explained that the global competitive landscape is changing, and should regional companies make more efforts to enable professionals data Proceeding from this fact, are feeling Infinity role that the analysts large data played in the protection of key sectors such as energy, tourism, and financial services.

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