Investment trends in the turbulent world during 2016

0401 2016
Amid the financial and economic turmoil that beset the world for years and accompanied by political and armed conflicts turmoil all around us, the decision to invest the money very complicated process becomes, in terms of knowledge of the activity that represents opportunities for profit and growth, the market and the knowledge that can be entered into, the day in this file polled Experts and investors in an attempt to uncover the investment trends in the current stage and highlight the opportunities that may be available than others.

Experts point to several local opportunities suited to small and medium-sized investments, which we are focusing on more than others, and that about 15 commercial activity in the domestic market and from the fact that the Ministry of Commerce records and assurances that officials where, some new activities some kind, such as providing parking services grade, and the overall marketing and hotel sectors accounted for a commercial license in 1300 last year 2014 by 22 percent of the total licenses issued in 15 sectors.

With regard to banks, it seems that they are looking for a glimmer of hope in development projects for the employment of surplus liquidity, while investment companies suffer from a lack of adequate opportunities, has become banks looking for a safe outlets for the employment of liquidity Among the main options that seem to be most appropriate for banks real estate is located and international stocks, bonds, so trade-off rates ranging respectively between 40 and 30 and 20 percent.

As for the restaurant industry, which Kuwaitis recent expansion in investment in which it appears that the victory will be for those who shun the traditional varieties which is witnessing fierce competition, and who have succeeded in the introduction of alternative varieties to market innovative food products such as Cupcake and wafer, and so on.

Annahar 2016