Call for the reconstruction of the Baiji refinery in support of the oil production sector

1/4/2016 0:00

Baghdad Joseph Zayer
Are increasing calls for the revitalization of the production sector in the Iraqi economy, including the oil industry Shunt in particular, because of the sector from a large role in the operation of more than one party in the administrative and technical facilities on the part of large and resources generated by the national income on the other. In this regard, Deputy for Salahuddin province, said the oil ministry estimated the percentage of damage in the Baiji refinery by 60 percent.

Badr stallion he said in an interview with local media, and I followed the «morning»: The Committee on the problem of the oil ministry confirmed that the percentage of damage in the Baiji refinery of 60 percent , and he noted that the refinery staff have indicated they can restart one of the refining operations. He explained that the stallion «country in urgent need of re-refined to work again, and demanded the formation of a special operations center in Baiji to restore facilities and reconstruction of new. For his part, was an expert in natural resources Fouad Qassem Prince may occur for the refinery in his book «oil shale and oil prices, the Iraqi general budget» which was released a few days ago. Prince said: With regard to Bmcefy Baiji, the total capacity was 290 thousand barrels a day, and consists of Msfian, the first refinery in Salah al-Din, which consists of two Jakih refining, energy, each of which 70 thousand barrels per day. The second refinery north capacity of 150 thousand barrels per day, has been implemented by a Japanese company.

He adds Prince: The destruction of Bmcefy Peggy is very large, as a result of the occupation (Daash) him and leaving him more than once, and turn it into a battlefield and fight. Was expelled (Daash) than in September 2015, but there are still security difficulties to assess the damage and begin repairs possible, especially in the absence of the necessary to repair the extensive damage financial resources, if the repairs technically possible.

And some of the technical specifications of the refinery Prince adds: unit was set up to improve the gasoline card of 20 thousand barrels per day at the refinery, and has the potential to reach Ooccana number «88», but was working on Ooccana number of 80 degrees before the invasion (Daash) of the refinery, and has been the completion of a new Ozmrh unit in Baiji refinery (refinery North), and placed in service in 2012, capacity of 10 thousand barrels per day, but the occupation (Daash) for the refinery finished the benefit from this unit.

Concludes Prince as saying a proposed program of restoration is: The fastest repairs proposals and least cost, is to re-repair of one of two refinery in Salah al-Din , depending on the unit and other equipment, to be possible to run a single unit card 70 thousand barrels per day, after nearly two years to start work, and if money is available and safety.