The privatization of the banking sector!

Author: Yasser incumbent

01/04/2016 0:00

Usually go out to talk at the mention of the private sector from the big successes achieved by a well without the slightest doubt, but for any sector speak Uwe any country? Obviously, the answer will be in the developed countries and then developing where you can not compare the two systems totalitarian and private in this e stage after he was able to globalization, the heart of the equation in favor of the capitalist system.

If it has to be evidence of the above then you can imagine the size of the change in totalitarian countries on the impact of the transition requirements about privatization and the behavior of the capitalist, where the problem in our economy?

privatization have been many criticisms of which Hossaib including Mahoxhaib, Vsalhaa respect to the legitimacy of the rights of workers must be taken into account and Khaibha The sticks laid down by some of the failed administrations that have not been able to improve the conditions of its institutions, but Let me give you a simple example out of context This description is to get to the standard brings us closer to the feasibility of privatization or not.

In the seminar the Institute of the progress of the policies of development on the banking sector presented a paper bold managed the reality of the banking sector, which it described as Palmtkhalaf characterization, the focus was on the private banking sector and calls for a reformed so that in line with the requirements of the age.

In contrast calls for the paper to privatize State-owned banks, to have been affected, but how if prejudging own a failure of banks?
Therein lies the crux of the matter in the privatization process we starting rehabilitation of the banking sector and the development of his performance and then privatize it on according to the concept of the successes of the private sector in his administration.

We conclude from the above that initially supposed be the structuring of the government sector again after previous efforts failed until the rehabilitation of the private banking sector through the adoption of the principle of governance to assume such responsibility, the symposium diagnosed the issue very important to point out the entry Tarian to the profession, with the solution to this dilemma can be useless privatization economic beneficial.