Zubaidi looking supplying road transport fleet of new trucks and port development


Ports Announces repair the damage in the breakwater

Search Transport Minister Baqir al-Zubaidi with two road transport, ports development work .ozkr statement of the Office Zubaidi received (justice) a copy of "Transport Minister Baqir al-Zubaidi met with Mr. Abbas Omran, Director General of Land Transportation and gave Imran a summary of the work performed by the company and the actions taken to supplying them with a fleet talk of trucks according to the joint operation and the obstacles that hinder the work of the project. "He continued that" al-Zubaidi also met Director General of Ports and discussed with him about the development of the company's performance after he qualified for a number of discreet companies to develop Iraqi ports. "On the face other State Company for Iraqi Ports confirmed, yesterday Saturday, repair the damage in the breaker eastern waves to the port of Faw Kabar.oavad company statement received (justice) a copy of "company {Aridon} Greek implementing breaker eastern waves were able to re-zone the damage and compensate the loose soil at the depth of the sea that overly revealed stones and managed from back to normal. "He added," It is a continuous permanent treatment areas imbalance until the full confidence to put the final Alkasir done it 97% and with a length of 8,200 km. "The breaker {barrier} eastern waves, whose construction Greek company at the site of the project port of Faw Big hit parts of it to collapse and sudden Taksvat as a result of the fragility of Alterph.ocdt Iraqi ports company, on Thursday, the Greek company Aridon, completed the breaker eastern waves to the port of Faw is responsible for the repair Altaksvat excessive and go down in some parts of Alkasir .ozkr spokesman ports company Anmar net told {Euphrates News} "The work is continuing project of a port of Faw, indicating that the Korean company Daewoo, which holds the creation breaker western waves with a length of 16 km has reached a proportion of the completion of 20% of it has begun to work late." He explained that "Aridon company Greek responsible to set up a breaker eastern waves 8 km will deliver fully completed the project in the first month of next year, "he said, adding that it" would reform degradation excessive and go down in a more soft areas in Alkasir through the use of Stones United Arab Emirates and Iran, and there are guarantees for the subject financial guarantees by The company is responsible at the damage. " Meanwhile, Director General of the Iraqi ports Riad Sawadi Shamkhi said in a press release on the subject of calves that finally the port of Khor al-Zubayr that entered "nothing to do with the subject of Iraqi ports only need to do their duty in the anchoring security operations and unloading of ships of loads by reference the General Administration of Customs empty it." "The responsibility for this type of imported materials are usually the prerogative of specialist agencies in allowing the material concerned operations according to their competence as the import of products of animal origin, for example, requires a fundamentalist approvals before the import of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Department of Veterinary and this gives the green light for Customs after the conduct full tests in the reformatted areas {} stone shelters that analyzes conducted by the health and veterinary examination. "He continued that" the rumors leaked about the local markets, any calves graduated bailiff, accompanied by lead them to area shelters and determined by the relevant department of the Iraqi ports and keep all the priorities.