PROGEN group opens a branch in Doha to launch toward the Middle East

0301 2016
Partnership with "KP" to provide engineering consulting services in the region

In order announced PROGEN group BW Investments for entering into a partnership to provide engineering consultancy services in the Middle East, India and Australia. Said Eduardo Barilla, Group Chief Executive PROGEN: "This partnership will work to develop the visions of the two companies" in the provision of engineering services to the industrial sectors of the fast-growing sector and infrastructure targeted areas. "

And opened PROGEN group based in Doha to launch towards the Middle East, it seeks to transfer its expertise from participating in the World Cup in Brazil, and seeks to be a bridge between the two countries through their experience in the stadiums and major events organized in Rio de Janeiro in 2014. The group also has been able to design and manufacturing center for waste recycling port of Sohar in Oman valued at $ 1.3 billion.

PROGEN is taking a range of Brazil-based and is one of the largest engineering consulting companies in South America, as well as it keeps a foothold in all parts of the world. The group employs more than 2,500 professionals, and Tsoal since its founding in 1987, its activities in the field of consulting and engineering studies and design a multi-disciplinary, and program and project management, services and construction supervision. PROGEN has also managed to expand its activities to include the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and the automotive industry, as well as provide services for a wide ranges of sectors including infrastructure, energy, mining and minerals, oil and gas.

Said Prince Khalid bin Walid, head of the Board of Directors to BW "This partnership will allow us to provide better service to customers and suppliers in several large areas and promising in terms of growth rates." "This growing market has tremendous needs of infrastructure, industry, and will help our expertise combined Viniv these projects in a sustainable and efficient manner in terms of cost."

And invest in order to BW in a variety of business in the Middle East, South America, Europe, the start of the existing companies in the construction industry through the emerging and promising companies in the field of technology, all of which fit with the changing needs of the region. Focused growth strategy adopted by the KP Dblaually patience, wisdom and discipline in making investment decisions and targeting companies that retain a bus from the achievements of innovative ideas and a clear vision for the future and the ability to influence world records. And it includes current Mahfezhalastosmarah company KPI Dblaually investments in manufacturing, construction and engineering, energy and technology sectors.

Al Sharq 2016