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1/3/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein Tgb and Shokran Fatlawi
discussed the Institute for the progress of the policies of development problems suffered by the private banking sector in Iraq and mechanisms for the advancement of all of his joints and ask treatments effective for imbalances suffered, as well as private banks do with the Central Bank of Iraq.
The seminar which was led by Dr. Mehdi al-Hafez focused on paper Banking expert conciliator Hassan Mahmoud, described by Hafiz Balhadvh to reform the banking sector stood at specific problems in the performance of private banks, which represents the advancement of the banking sector such as the separation of ownership from the administration also requests the Basel International Foundation and adherence to the rules of proper corporate governance. Hafiz said that the paper showed that the control by the central need to be stronger than him, as paper included a call for the adoption of documentary credits, stressing that economic development is not performed, but advanced banking system.

The symposium axis was at a banking expert conciliator Hassan Mahmoud stressed to strengthen the central bank's capabilities in both sides of the balance sheets of banks and checks the voltage stress test analysis and commitment controls Basel on the one hand and tighten controls on banks regimes banking and instructions comply with the other hand.

He pointed out that this can be achieved only continuous training for workers in the banking supervision and perhaps the best way is hiring hand accounting sober Iraqi or foreign participating central bank staff in the field of budget analysis in the field of banking supervision office and field Bjanbhe believes the staff of the Central Bank of practical training and Nzeraa.utaba saying: to address the diminutive capital of banks urged to enter financial Made with each other Syndications for financing small and medium enterprises pointing that he had repeatedly called on the banks to these posts, noting that he offered the advantages of style posts to address the two main ways the first an diminutive capital of banks and their deposits as shown previously and the second risk distribution, a very banker principle important, but my calls went unheeded.

Student Mahmoud using deposits LRR reserves held by the central bank to bank lending interest rate and not 1 percent per year, for example, that the banks lend to small and medium enterprises at interest rates of development 4-5 percent.

In turn between the Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks to Tariq that the Third Banking Conference last focused its recommendations the importance of cooperation with the Central Bank of Iraq and the competent authorities of other application of the concept of financial inclusion in Iraq, and the formation of a committee of the Iraqi Central Bank and Ministry of Finance and the Association of Banks and economic experts and financial and academics to work on the development of the financial, monetary and banking system and be as a consultant to the Central Bank to carry out his plans in development, pointing the need to promote and follow up the implementation and application of procedures issued by the Committee of Economic Affairs in the Council of Ministers and in collaboration package decisions with the national experts about the deal governmental institutions with private banks.

Tariq that the Association is determined to launch awareness and dissemination of banking culture and the statement of the role of banks in the national economy in cooperation with the Bank's campaign Iraqi central financial and media organizations.

He returned conciliator Hassan Mahmoud to say we need a strong will to take drastic action and initiate laws which will eventually lead to a move away state from interfering in the domestic banking from it and the international activity and this will not only be the privatization of all of the Rafidain.

And that from the point of view financial I see that the privatization of government banks can contribute contribution is small in reducing the large budget that are likely deficit that he will run for several years to come to its association with two factors presidents firstly Hoachtlal the structure of the Iraqi economy for decades and I think it will not be easy to address them in a short time, while the second-workers It is linked to oil prices, which are not expected to oil experts to return rapidly to the levels that prevailed before the surplus of the current supply crisis or even touch them.

While the financial advisor to the prime minister said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that the market banking heterogeneous, pointing to the acquisition of State-owned banks on the the overall banking operations in Iraq, stressing the importance of the clash between banks and the heads of their funds to avoid problems that might be exposed to the banking sector.

Saleh stressed the need for banking merger for some reason he achieved great success at the global level and can benefit from these experiences to serve our sector bank.

As a member of the Board of Directors of the Bank Central d. Ahmed Abrihi has confirmed that the regulatory measures the performance of the banking sector needs to efforts of the State and not the Central Bank of Iraq has, stressing that the theme of the symposium is very important, although he spiky.

The vice president of Baghdad Economic Forum on behalf of Jamil Antoine has praised the theme of the symposium and he put up a bold and useful for evaluating banking business in Iraq, pointing out that the volume of work in Iraq, large and needs to be an international effort and this needs to be integrated and discreet banking sector in all its aspects.