America Ttrat before the imposition of sanctions on Iran

01/03/2016 15:16

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: Ben Rhodes said the US deputy national security adviser on Saturday evening that the White House needed more time to prepare sanctions in response to Iran's ballistic missile program.

He said Ben Rhodes said in press statements that it is imperative that the US administration ends of diplomatic and technical additional work before the announcement of any new sanctions related to Iran's ballistic missile program, but denied that this delay is the result of pressure from Tehran, adding that this was "not to negotiate about it with Iranian government. "

Previously, the Wall Street Journal revealed that two days ago that the US White House postponed imposing new financial sanctions on Iran was expected announcement next week, against the backdrop of an Iranian missile tests in violation of Security Council resolutions.

The newspaper pointed out, quoting US officials as saying that President Barack Obama's administration is preparing to impose sanctions on about 12 companies and individuals in Iran, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, for their role in Iran's development of ballistic missile program.

It is intended ballistic missile missiles able to reach long-term goals worth hundreds of kilometers, and it also has the capacity to carry different types of warheads high explosives such as nuclear.

Iranian President Hassan Rohani ordered his defense minister Hossein Dehghan last Thursday to expand missile program, including ballistic, in defiance of a threat to the United States to impose sanctions because of Tehran to test ballistic missile in October / October last.