A local official in Diyala: Iranian delegation to visit my death to discuss trade, water

2016-01-02 21:41:56 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

A local official in Diyala province, revealed Saturday, from visiting senior Iranian delegation to discuss the death of my trade, water.

The director of hand Gazzanah (125 km east of Baquba) Mazen Khuzai Alsumaria News for an interview, "The high-level Iranian delegation visited Baquba and held extensive meetings with government leaders to discuss a series of vital files, most notably several trade and water."

Khuzai and added, "The Iranian delegation discussed with the Government of Diyala possibility of setting up joint water dam in the basin Tolsaq on the common border between Gazzanah hand on the Iraqi side and the Iranian province of Ilam in addition to create a yard of trade."

Khuzai and pointed out that "the Government of Diyala and the Iranian side promised to study the proposals commercial Balamadmar and water after coordination with government authorities in the capital, Baghdad."

The Gazzanah a border with Iran and units suffered from Seoul powerful two months coming from the border with Iran before being located within a low surrounded by high mountains.