Diwaniyah demanding to provide the necessary fuel for new gas stations and increase their share of power

2016/1/2 12:34

{Diwaniya: Euphrates News} demanded the province of Diwaniyah on Saturday, providing fuel for the gas station, which opened today a capacity of 500 MW, citing the need to increase the share of the province's energy.
According to conservative Sami al-Hasnawi in his speech during the celebration of the station opening was attended by the correspondent of the agency {Euphrates News} "We hope the opening of this system that contribute to solving the problem of the citizen, noting that" the shortage of fuel in this system and the other is poses a new obstacle to saving energy so we demand to provide what you need this the station to benefit the community. "
He appealed to the people of the province Hasnawi rationalization in electricity consumption because it is a measure to increase the city's share of energy.
In turn, the Council of the province of Diwaniyah member Faisal Naieli, "The opening of this project came at a time when you need the province to be suffering from a lack of energy, calling for the allocation of additional share of the province, because they are experiencing a shortage of energy and need additional support, I also call on the provision of appointments to the people of the province, He pointed out that Diwaniyah poor and need to be all completed projects that benefit them inside her sons. "
The Electricity Minister Qassim Fahdawi opened Diwaniyah gas power plant with a total capacity of 500 MW have been linked to the national grid.
The station consists of four power generating units each one of the four 125 MW units and ready for action and the continuing functioning by fuel availability and the rise of gas pressure and the station will be operated on by the national gas pipeline extending from the strategic Rumaila fields
The station was carried out by the Federation of Arab Contractors my company and the Swedish Port and funded two Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and at a cost of $ 181 million.
The Fahdawi had said during the opening ceremony that "this station was completed to cover the great need of the province, adding that he unfortunately can not run the plant at full capacity by up to 500 MW due to lack of fuel," .anthy