«Kavio»: 2015 .. general economic changes and fluctuations

0201 2016

More winners dollar and the euro .. the lowest

Published «News» a special report prepared by the Director of the Office of trading in the company «Kavio» Gull Hafez Alamh about the most prominent economic changes during 2015, the following are the most prominent details:

Was a 2015 full of changes and fluctuations where he helped difference in monetary policy between the major economies and the index of the US dollar trends on the gains, rising by more than 9% and contrast the euro has dropped 10%, and record sterling falls against the US dollar amounted to 5% has helped to reduce those losses the existence of good data the British economy in spite of the obstacles faced by the United Kingdom in the negotiations with the European Union.

? The Japanese yen and Swiss franc. Both have seen some sort of cohesion because their global stock markets for several disorders contributed turnout at the two currencies being the safe haven valuable that period. In contrast, the Chinese Dragon was able to challenge all the criticisms that have been associated by reducing the price of the yuan's exchange to close against the dollar, down nearly 5% .

? The decline in the growth of the Chinese economy to pull him New Zealand dollar to record closing low of 12% and push the Australian dollar to record drop by nearly 11% against the dollar due to falling global commodity prices, and the Canadian dollar lost ground against the dollar at a rate of approximately 20% were affected negatively Btrajat prices Oil.

? As for the goods US crude oil fell at a rate of 32% and Brent oil at a rate of 36% in the light of the world's excess oil supply, and because of the low energy prices managed mining companies to reduce costs, resulting in further decline in metal prices in the light of the oversupply and lower China's demand for industrial metals The rise of the dollar.

? On the side of metals, gold ounce decline recorded at a rate of 10% was recorded and silver fell 11% to a record for the third consecutive annual decline, falling nickel and iron ore by 40%, copper and zinc lost a quarter of their value.

? In terms of global indicators have seen large fluctuations in the Chinese Shanghai where he scored within the overall index rises 59% to come back later to abandon them and closed the year at all altitudes by almost 9%, while the total rises

Stoxx European 600 more than the 20% to come back later to give them up to close at a height of approximately 7%, and achieved the Japanese TOPIX index rises within the year amounted to 21% of abandoned and closed up nearly 11%, while the S & P US 500 reached its losses within a year more than 9% to come back and fully compensated and closed near the opening price.

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